Chael Sonnen: A Genius, Or Just Another American Bully? Picks Up Brazilian Soccer Colors To Provoke Anderson Silva [VIDEO]

As you are aware by now, Chael Sonnen is a mastermind when it comes to provoking a fighter in order to get what he wants. His specific target is current UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva. It’s almost getting to the point that it is safe to use the word harassment. I wouldn’t be surprised that “The Spider” has better surveillance and security than Tony Montana from Scarface. I think everyone on the face of this planet gets the point, including GQ “Man of the Year” in Brazil, Anderson Silva.

Since Chael Sonnen didn’t exactly get the fight he’s been asking for, he now has to run through Mark Muñoz before getting another title shot at Silva, which was officially announced last Saturday. It will be the next co-main event of UFC on FOX 2 in Chicago, IL, on Saturday, January 28th.

Anderson Silva at Soccer

In the meantime, Mark Muñoz clearly isn’t on the mind of Sonnen as he just picked up the colors of one of the most successful clubs in Brazilian football, the Palmeiras, also known as “The Big Green.” To make the matters worse, Palmeiras is the main rival of the Corinthians club, which Anderson Silva holds a sponsorship from and is an ambassador for that club.

The words of Chael Sonnen

“Palmeiras, Chael Sonnen here from the USA. Wanna congratulate you guys on an awesome season… the wrong guys won the national championship, but I’m gonna bring the WORLD championship to Palmeiras where it belongs!”

So what do you guys think of Chael Sonnen? A genius, or just another American bully who doesn’t know when to give up.



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