Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night (2010) Review – Don’t Get Your Hopes Up. There’re No Dogs In This Film.

Yell! Magazine’s review of Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night:

As I sat, about 40 minutes into my own private screening of this perfunctory attempt at adapting a comic book, I had happened upon a shocking revelation. To the best of my memory, I believe it went something like;

“Wait a sec… this shit isn’t Constantine…”

Which, it turns out, is definitely a load off, because I quite liked Constantine and was confused with as to why I kept nodding off instead of finding myself enthralled in a proper piece of entertainment.

But the mistake is easy to make. Dylan Dog and Constantine happen to both be sardonic occult detectives who specialize in the weird and macabre. They both have friends in low places, they both work in a municipal setting, they both have annoying sidekicks, and are both distant, deadpan snarkers.

The only difference is that Brandon Routh doesn’t make for a very charismatic lead in this case, and so you’re left with a fitting cure for insomnia. Though you could make the same argument about Constantine, you can at least find yourself a few unintentional laughs watching Keanu Reeves play Keanu Reeves.

With Dylan Dog, you have a wisecracking “hard-boiled” anti-hero who looks like a Calvin Klein model and delivers his lines like he’s on the set of Two and a Half Men.

Heh. More like “Two and a Half Laughs.”

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"I feel a great, unrelenting unease. A sense of unavoidable boredom…"

So you’re left with a “comedy-horror/mystery-suspense” film that’s devoid of real scares, real laughs and lacks any sort of tension.

And when you have a plot that is both needlessly convoluted, but has set pieces more predictable than gravity, well – looks like you’ve got Dylan Dog.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s all dine in on a hearty synopsis, shall we? Read about it on the next jump…

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29 April 2011 (USA)
Kevin Munroe
Brandon Routh, Anita Briem, Taye Diggs, Kurt Angle, Peter Stormare, Kent Jude Bernard, Michael Cotter, Laura Spencer, and Sam Huntington
Horror, Comedy, Mystery
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Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night

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