MMA: M-1 Challenge XXVIII – Saparbek Safarov Disqualified For Open Hand Slap At Weigh-In [VIDEO]

The fight between Ukrainian MMA fighter, Saparbek Safarov (Legion Fight Team) and Tomasz Narkun didn’t last very long, in fact, they didn’t even face off inside the ring.

Saparbek SafarovDuring the official M-1 Challenge XXVIII weigh-in, something was oddly wrong with Saparbek Safarov (left in video), possibly too much testosterone flowing inside of him. As the two went face to face, tension quickly elevated, resulting in a slapping contest. Safarov did manage to leave the last impression, possibly the world’s dumbest fighter, on Narkun with two open-hand blows straight to his face. Narkun pissed off, as anyone would be, refused to fight Safarov after the quick exchange. Leaving Safarov disqualified from the fight card, and with a future now in question with M-1 Global.

The fight was scheduled to take place on November 12, 2011.


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