MMA: Dana White A Man Of The Year? Well, His Mother Don’t Think So [VIDEO]

This video interview of June White, mother of UFC President Dana White, surfaced on YouTube two days before UFC 138. In it, June promotes her new book, which is an unauthorized biography on Dana.

It appears that this 154-page book (Dana White, King of MMA available on Amazon) is an attempt to hurt the reputation of her son because of the way he has treated his family, women, and people in general. As stated in the interview, her main goal is to make him realize what he has become from the success of the UFC. June White also reveals a few interesting facts on Dana, such as the use of steroids, sleeping with his sister-in-law, having had a relationship with Rachel Leah (former UFC ring girl, Playboy Playmate), and a few other damaging slanders on him.

Tiger Woods Shame

“Everyone knows that he puts Tiger Woods to shame.” – June White

Another interesting question that was raised in the interview was whether Dana White has monopolized the sport of MMA. June answered back, “I do believe they have a monopoly, I don’t know how anyone could think they don’t.” It also appears that there is an FTC (Federal Trade Commission) investigation going on with the UFC’s business practices confirmed by the interviewer in the video who has been questioned by the attorneys of the FTC already.

Whether or not everything in the interview is true, or if Dana White, King of MMA will reveal more of the bad side of Dana’s life, June did say a few positive things about her son (one of them being that she is amazed what he has done for MMA with a high school education).

Personally, I’m not going to judge Dana at all based on this interview. A similar situation broke out like this between Eminem and his mother, and that didn’t go any further than a lawsuit. Dana White is a great business man, I see it in any post-fight presser he does, and you can clearly see his passion for the sport on The Ultimate Fighter every week on Spike. I can also understand the frustration people have with him in the industry because of his power, but that simply comes along with anyone who becomes successful. People are going to get hurt along the way and you can’t keep everyone happy.


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