Suicide Monday: What’s With SuicideGirls And Requiem For A Dream

Aymel Suicide

Age: 23
Location: Switzerland
Occupation: Tattoo artist
Aymel Suicide_1
Gets me hot: Bod mods, massages, hugs…

Favorite position: Girl on top and in control!

I lost my virginity: I didn’t lose it… I gave it away

Into: Bizarre luxury, piercing, tattoo, music, laughing, sunny days, sleeping, rock ‘n’ roll, mini skirts, sushi, porn, mojito, playing with Photoshop

Makes me happy: Making tattoos, kissing, my friends, my family, time with my doggy

Makes me sad: Gossip bitches, missing people, having to prove myself to people

Hobbies: Shopping, swimming, walking with my dog, and drawing

5 things I can’t live without: iPhone, cigarettes, affection, food, and friends

Vices: Sex, alcohol, peanut butter (especially Reese’s chocolate)

Thoughts on SG: I love it

I spend most of my free time: Drawing, parties and seeing my friends
Aymel Suicide_2
Bands: Deadline For a Murder, A Fine Day To Exit, Promethee, Bring Me the Horizon, KoRn, Converge, Thick As Blood, Swollen Members, Deftones, Ill Niño

Films: Inglourious Basterds, From Hell, Requiem for a Dream, Remember Me, Mysterious Skin, The Butterfly Effect, 21 Grams, Dikkenek, Edward Scissorhands

TV shows: House MD, Sons of Anarchy, Medium, True Blood, Nip Tuck

One last sexy SuicideGirl…

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