Suicide Monday: Girls That Can Whoop Your Ass In Gears of War & Have Better Taste In Music Than Most Of You

Carrina Suicide

Age: 22
Location: California, USA

Carrina Suicide

Occupation: Outlaw, cupcake connoisseur
Current crush: I’m asexual
Stats: 5’3, 100lb 34-25-34
Body mods: My favorite is my grandpa’s WWII B17 tattoo… and the bomb falling out of it that says “To Hitler with love”
Most humbling moment: I’m not humble
MY DIET: Omnivore
MY PIGEONHOLES: Crafty, tattooed, hillbilly, punk, bookworm
Into: WWII history, airplanes, riding dirt bikes, house destruction parties, furry creatures, Irish whiskey, my man
Not into: Aimless people… and salmon
Makes me happy: Dissent & profanity… punk rock and patriotism, Marine Corps boys
Makes me sad: Boys who can’t fix things, unwarranted sobriety, copycats, disloyalty, traitors, thieves, gutless cowards in general
Hobbies: Pwning shit in general, studying all things science related, writing, literature — fine or not (preferably not)
5 things I can’t live without: Family, the capacity to learn,air, typewriter, freedom
Vices: Mania, drunken debauchery, inhibiting my lung capacity, being a lush in general
Thoughts on SG: I like it

Carrina Suicide

Bands: OPIV, Elvis Presley, Rancid, Bad Brains, Streetlight Manifesto, Misfits, Minor Threat, Tom Waits, Social Distortion, GBH

Films: Natural Born Killers, The Shining, Star Wars Episode Six, Dead Alive, Lost Boys, True Romance, There Will Be Blood, Garden State, Ace Ventura/When Nature Calls, Fight Club

Books: HS Thompson, Bukowski, Kerouac, Hemingway, Salinger, Plath, Palahniuk, Hell, Ginsberg, Sedaris

TV shows: Weeds, United States of Tara, Dexter

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