Short: Guillotine Guys (2010) – Chop-Chop! Think Twice Before You Decide To Rob The Next Convenience Store


Short: Guillotine Guys (2010)This short is dedicated to all those punks who think robbing a convenience store, and causing misery to the owners is a fun thing to do. The “Teenage Flash Mob” robberies are on the rise these days, but what would happen if the owners took justice into their own hands? Maybe a little lesson in life with the use of a guillotine could possibly be the solution to take. This comedy thriller was directed by James Ricardo that stars Russ Kingston, Mark Wood, and J.C. Maçek III.

Check out the Guillotine Guys, and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

About the Director

James Ricardo was raised in Santa Clara Valley, California. He moved to Los Angeles years later to pursue becoming a writer-director. Guillotine Guys is his first short film.


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