Blue Stahli Charity Event Becomes Immediate Success – Supports Free Arts For Abused Children

Independent artist Blue Stahli (aka Bret), is leading a charity campaign this week (Aug 29 – Sept 4) to raise support and awareness for not only his debut album, but for donations to Free Arts for Abused Children, which is a cause that hits close to home and that Bret is passionate about. Using a Pay-What-You-Want Model ($1.99 minimum) powered by Fan-It from the recent start-up YAWMA with 25% of all donations going to Charity, fans can snag up the 10-track debut Blue Stahli album, along with 2 bonus tracks, including an alt acoustic version of a track plus an unreleased instrumental track from an upcoming album.

Debut Album by Blue_Stahli

As a special incentive to participate in the event, a $1,000 goal was set (and quickly achieved) to unlock a special acoustic YouTube performance of a song of choice from fans and a Top Donor prize was set to award the largest contributor with a personalized private video performance of an additional song.

As of day 1 of the 7 day campaign, the event has already received $5,000 in donations and is quickly gaining traction amongst tweeters and gamers, including World-of-Warcraft legend Swifty, who will have soon posted his own support video for the campaign on his popular YouTube Channel, which has received over 45 million views.

View the Blue Stahli YAWMA Charity Sale Event at: or

Blue Stahli - Bret

Blue Stahli - Bret

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