New Final Destination 5 Trailer – Featuring Laser Eye Surgery

Helmed by director Steven Quale, Final Destination 5 looks to make the most of the director’s technical prowess. In this trailer, released just today, we’re treated to a teasing glimpse of what looks like bigger, more elaborate set pieces to complement the usual series of creatively intricate deaths. This time around, however, there seems to be an added rule for those in the chain of victims; they can off someone to earn themselves a new shot at life.

Watch the trailer above for a sneak peek at this summer’s latest in Rube Goldberg machines gone wrong.

Producers have stated that this installment has been given a darker tone, reminiscent of the first film, and if it is well-received at the box office, the sixth and seventh installments will be filmed back to back.

Look forward to its release on August 12th, 2011.


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