Lebanese Musician Bader Nana Announces Debut Prog Metal Studio Album, Reveals Artwork and Tracklist

Lebanese Prog Musician, Bader Nana, has announced on his official Facebook page that WORMWOOD, his debut solo studio album, is due for release through the summer of 2011. The studio observation’s writing/recording process had begun back in September of 2010, in his studio in Kuwait City, Kuwait. Bader Nana has also revealed the artwork, track list, and provided a description of the album stating that it is entirely based on a concept that is inspired by the plague which took place in 1348, in Europe. “Wormwood is a concept album, based on a modern-day/celestial re imagination of the plague which took place back in 1348 in Europe (The Black Death)

“The story is based on a girl named Rose, who is the protagonist of the story. Basically, the story rotates around how a family that lives on a space shuttle, in space, tries to find a home but only to reach new world’s that eventually suffer a devastating disaster upon their arrival, and so on!”

Bader Nana has spent ample time writing, producing, and fine tweaking the record throughout the past few months in his studio, working solo using an orchestrated theme along with modern progressive rock/metal influences. When asked about the description of what the music is like, the Lebanese guitarist and composer stated “It’s for the fans of many bands such as Dream Theater, Spock’s Beard, Opeth, Symphony X, Neal Morse, and the list goes on!

“The writing/recording process has been such a journey for me as a musician. I’ve discovered so much about myself as a musician through the last few months than I ever have through the last decade of being a musician. I truly feel that a piece of my heart and soul sits within those songs, and I hope that the rest of the world connects with these pieces as much as I personally have.”

Wormwood includes 10 tracks, with a total running time of 60 minutes, the track list is as follows:

1- Wormwood
2- Rose
3- Quarantine
4- Journey
5- Earth 1348
6- The Plague
7- All Fall Down
8- The Answers
9- Desperate Measures
10- Destroyer of Worlds

The debut album is due for release through the summer of 2011, with no specific dates set for release.

Bader Nana - Wormwood

Bader Nana - Wormwood

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