Top 10 Video Game Movies That Need To Be Made Or: Hey, Baby, Wanna Sit On My Casting Couch?

No.6 Bioshock

Bioshock screenshot

The plot:

1960s oceanic flight goes down in the drink, lone survivor finds himself trapped in incredibly advanced underwater metropolis and on the run from crazed gene-splicing mutant freaks.

Why it could work:

The underwater city of Rapture alone would sell tickets. Built at the bottom of the ocean in the hopes of creating a meeting place for the best and brightest the world had to offer, Rapture soon deteriorated into an anarchic ball of science without rules and ambitions gone wild. Mix steampunk technology with science-fiction genetic body modifications and you have something audiences have never seen before. And wait till they get a look at the Big Daddies!

Bioshock screenshot
Did somebody order a prostate exam?

Why it might not work:

No good reason, actually. This is a very feasible movie that doesn’t require a budget that would bankrupt a small country. Sure, it takes place underwater, but most of the action occurs indoors. Aside from a few scenic views of the surrounding ocean floor, Rapture is easily reproduced by any decent FX house. Even the superpowers displayed by Rapture’s inhabitants (fire, electricity, telekinesis) are on the low end of the effects spectrum.

Who should be involved:

The fantastic art style featured in the streets of Rapture and the general insanity of its citizens seem like something out of Tim Burton’s bag of tricks. Gore Verbinski was associated with the project for a long time, but he’s since moved on, passing directing duties to 28 Weeks Later helmer Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. As for the game’s nameless, voiceless, faceless protagonist – anybody could theoretically fill his shoes, but this type of risky, out-there project sounds like something Leonardo DiCaprio might be interested in.

The potential:

All over the place. If people refuse to give the setting a chance, it could be a huge bomb. If audiences embrace the concept, it might soar to unexpected heights like Inception did.

[Editor’s note: Jesus, TheMatt goes on about it…]

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  • Slithe

    I demand Terry Crews as the Cole Train!

    • Excellent casting choice! After looking it up on Google images, he seems to fit the appearance of that character perfectly. I can’t believe he slipped our minds. Thanks!

  • Jackdexx

    Nathan fillion is a bad choice. plain and simple that poster would be great if it was not fillion.

    • TheMatt

      He’s clearly a better choice than Wahlberg. He’s a bit older than Nathan Drake but he’s got all the charm and charisma. Wahlberg excels at playing dangerous, wild characters, he couldn’t act charming and disarming if his life depended on it.

  • Justindrysdale92

    I loved your list, you definitely picked some great games that I’d love to see as movies. But the truth is unfortunately that Hollywood has not a fucking clue how to make a great video-game based movie. Of all of the video game based movies I have seen, only a handful were what I’d consider great movies. Tomb Raider, Resident Evil (only the first one, hated the rest cept maybe Extinction, that one at least tried) and Mortal Kombat, the rest have been ok to downright agonizingly horrible. Not to mention, the best video-game based movies there are still suck compared to the games they’re based-on. Mortal Kombat has the look and feel but lacks the gore, the whole character mythology and seriousness of the game. I can think of at least a million reasons why the Resident Evil games will always be superior to the movies. Hell just the first Resident Evil is at least ten times better than every RE movie there is. The movies manage to capture some of the feel of the game but fail miserably in so many ways. The music, the ambiance, the monsters, the weapons, even the characters, the environment just doesn’t compare. Still I saw RE 3 times when it opened and loved it but the best RE movie is not even made by that director, it’s Degeneration, a CGI movie that’s easily better than all four movies put together. As for Tomb Raider, well I’ve never been into the TR games that much on account of the horrid camera but from what I do know about the first game, I know they left a ton of great parts out (like the T-Rex part, classic). Though as a hardcore gamer, one thing I’ve learned is Hollywood knows nothing about the vg industry and I don’t they ever really will. If you want a great vg-movie to be made then you need a gamer to make that movie. I thought your suggesting Kojima make MGS was the only great idea in the entire article, he could make a great MGS movie. Really what Hollywood needs to just do is to leave vg’s the fuck alone and stop trying, they just make us the fans suffer. And like I said, you want a great vg-based movie made, let a gamer do it, nuff said.

    • TheMatt

      Thanks for the well-written and well-though out opinion. I would like to reiterate that my main problems isn’t that Hollywood keeps making video games based movies, it’s that they keep adapting franchises will little to no story or character development. Mortal Kombat is a great series but not exactly brimming with deep, meaningful dialog. Same with Resident Evil. What the industry needs is just one, good, box office hit based on a video game to bring credibility back to the genre. Hopefully, something like a Mass Effect or an Uncharted can work well on the big screen. And yeah, Hollywood needs to bring people that have a fondness for the franchise they’re adapting, not these hacks that think they know better and immediately start by throwing the baby out with the bath water.

  • Justindrysdale92

    Oh, I forgot Silent Hill, terrific movie.

  • Kingbob

    Best list of this kind ive seen. Just missing one… HALF LIFE