First Look At The Walking Dead’s New Zombies

Unexpected hit TV series and one of my favorites, The Walking Dead, will be airing it’s second season this fall on AMC. Earlier in the week, some photos of zombies from this season of The Walking Dead shuffled their way online. So check ’em out!

The Walking Dead Season 2 - Zombie

Remember to comment and let us know what you think about The Walking Dead so far and what you hope to see this season on the show.

The Walking Dead Season 2: Zombie

The Walking Dead Season 2: Zombie Pic

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  • TheMatt

    My favorite new show of 2010. Was a fan of the comic beforehand too. Such a shame the network had no confidence in the show and only produced 6 measly episodes for the first season. 

    • TheWard

      Apparently they had budget cuts for season 2 as well according to an interview with Darabont, so well see how everything turns. The reptile eyes are pretty interesting indeed

  • TheMatt

    Meh, as long as they stick closely to the comic it should be good. That CDC episode from the first season was the only one I didn’t care for and it was the only one the strayed massively from the comic continuity.