Slanthrax – April Fools Or Wishful Thinking?

Slanthrax - April Fools Or No?

Slanthrax – April Fools Or No?

Loudwire, a reputable source, is reporting today, April 1st, that because of legal and lineup difficulties Slayer and Anthrax have teamed up to form a single band, Slanthrax. Sounds like a hoax, right?

Well, there’s an “official” statement to go along with it:

“While we know many metal purists might balk at the idea of Slayer and Anthrax forming one act, recent circumstances have led the two bands to unite. And the result couldn’t be better! Get ready for some dual action vocals from Joey and Tom to go along with double barrel guitars from Kerry and Scott. See ya in the pit!”

Slayer and Anthrax are already touring together, and there is already some cross-pollination between the bands, so it’s not like it would be a huge stretch of the imagination. But it still seems very unlikely.

Slanthrax will feature Joey Belladonna and Tom Araya on vocals, Kerry King and Scott Ian on guitars, Frank Bello on bass, and Charlie Benante on drums. But what really trips the “I’m not that gullible” sense is the report that Slanthrax is expected to record an album, Among the Blood, with such tracks as “‘Caught in the Abyss,’ ‘Antisocial Ensemble,’ and ‘Dead Skin Madhouse.’

Even if these outrageous song titles aren’t enough evidence to convince you that this has to be an April Fools, the perhaps the speculated rumors of Slanthrax attending the Mayhem Uproar Slaughter on the Range festival and then headlining the 70,000 Tons of ShipRocked cruise will.

Wishful thinking.

Would you pay to see Slanthrax if this were true? Let us know below.

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  • 4stringbndt

    I would find it to be very interesting. As long as the members of Anthrax can get along with King.

    • Evil here: I wouldn’t mind seeing it as a one-off show, but I don’t think I’d be interested in hearing an album. boo boo kitty is probably right as well, too many lawyers. However, if you go back to Anthrax’ first album, you might find more similarity in the musical styles

  • boo boo kitty

    No way. to many lawyers involved..Not worth it & music styles are different

  • gwarslave

    HELL YA This would be an perfect combination. Anybody that knows these bands will agree. GEEP THE DEAD SKIN MASK IN THE FAMILY

  • Brilliance would happen, but I’m thinking this is a joke. And their ideas on song titles, if true, suck balls. But the music would kick serious ass.