Queen + Adam Lambert To Tour North America! WTF?

queen and adam lambert

The surviving members of Queen are going on a summer North American tour with American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert, and that’s a whole lot of bullshit.

First, let me make it clear that it’s my belief that any self-respecting metalhead knows and, if not adores, at least appreciates the band. (And how often do I get to write about Queen on Yell! Magazine?) What Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon were able to accomplish is beyond comprehension and likely won’t be repeated any time soon. The way they were able to bring together so many different influences and make fun rock music, often pop music, that appealed to almost everyone is astounding. If anyone else tried to combine rock with opera at the time, it would have come off as pretentious.

queen and adam lambert

Freddy Mercury has been dead for more than 20 years and I’m not saying that Brian May or Roger Taylor (John Deacon retired from the band in 1997) should hang it up, but a tour with Adam Lambert is outrageous. Lambert has performed with Queen on several occasions, the first time being on American Idol in 2009, again in 2011 at the MTV European Music Awards in Belfast, Ireland, and a bunch of shows across Europe, Russia, Ukraine, and Poland. The sad part is that Queen with Lambert has received rave reviews.

As good as the flamboyant singer may be, he’s no Mercury. Personally, I think Lambert’s voice sounds like he’s got his balls strung up in a vice.

Up to this point, the relationship between Queen and Lambert has been sporadic, which is fine. I mean, Queen has performed with a number of guest vocalist through the years, such as Paul Rodgers, and I think that’s fine too. But I don’t think other vocalists have made a Queen show about them, which is my fear of what Lambert will do. For me, he’s too much personality to share the spotlight or to even honor Mercury’s work.

I get why this pairing works. Lambert has had moderate success since losing on American Idol, and I imagine he has young adoring fans with parents who like Queen, making a Queen + Lambert show a family outing. So, is that what this is really about; is it about the all-mighty greenback?

Whatever the reasons, I find it distasteful that Queen is extending this relationship with Lambert.

What do you think?

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  • Leslie

    Oh, honey! YOU don’t get it! You obviously haven’t seen them live. I have. You will cry & sludge through your ‘I wanna hate this” scenerio. My 20-something aquaintences are in awe. You don’t have to like Lambert, but he brought the house down with us old Queenies. The kid is that good! And to see Brian & Roger the happiest I’ve seen them in years was worth everything… I truly believe he was sent here by Freddie! Try it! I think even you will like it! Yeah, he’s that good!

    • Wildfire

      I think all you old “Queenies” are f***ed in the head (to quote a funny Chevy Chase moment). I say this as someone who listened to them endlessly in my teenage years. It’s a well-known fact that 90% of Queen fans have the worst taste in music and weird, cult-like blinkers on with anything to do with the demi-gods of Queen.

      Sorry, but to say that this guy is great because he is all shiny and has a glossy voice with significant range is completely missing what made Queen interesting or great in the first place. It feels like you’ve landed in a cheesy musical based on Queen (oh, “We Will Rock You”…) This new setup is a total joke and Roger and Brian have clearly lost the plot a long time ago. John Deacon is the only one who had the foresight to see the writing on the wall and the dignity to respect the legacy.

  • MLM

    Adam is a very humble guy, actually, and wants to honor Freddie, not duplicate him (he feels trying to duplicate him would be disrespectful). The way he interprets the music does this, he’s very respectful of Freddie and Queen. I think if you give him the chance, you’ll find that you might just actually like it.

  • Chase

    I think Lambert does a great job and look forward to seeing them perform this summer.

  • Peter

    Haven’t seen them live, but from the videos I think Lambert does a great job. Something I’d consider going to, for sure.

  • Diana

    What do you offer the young generation? Old vinyl records? We need a charismatic figure to translate messages. Otherwise, fans of rock will surely decrease. The latter, which I blame Adam that can not sing. This is ridiculous! Look at it as God’s gift – he inspires me. Adam was rated 2nd most skilled rock vocalist of all time – and most skilled male rock vocalist of all time – by DDD Music Forums, based on many technical points.
    Brian and Roger know everything about rock and chose Adam. Consider why. And old fans change their minds. I hope – and you.Our next meeting – on the ticket offices …


  • Charmaine

    I have the greatest admiration for Brian and Roger as musicians and performers, and they in turn love working with Adam Lambert. These men worked with Mercury and they have said repeatedly what a thrill it is to work with Lambert. If a musician says that, then please respect their expertise and wisdom and at least, go to the show and judge in person without prior prejudice. If you’re really a Queen fan, that’s the least you can do.

  • slynnc

    I think this is the best pairing with Queen to date. Brian has said that Adam is the only one so far that can sing all of the songs in the key in which they were written. I understand that not all voices appeal to everyone., however that does not dictate their level of talent. When an actor takes o a role you would expect nothing less than for them to become that character. Adam is a more than just a singer, he is a performer. if that makes it look like it’s about him, then so be it. While Adam does not try to copy Freddie, I believe his ability to command the stage is one of the reasons Brian and Roger feel the chemistry and magic with Adam. (Better than Paul basically standing in one place and twirling his mic stand every now and then.) Queen was about vocals, theatricality, campiness, and audience involvement….Adam brings it.

  • RollingwiththeBenz

    Evil Argento, Lambert fans are not young. Trust. The three top legendary rock bands are no longer together: The Beatles, Queen & Led Zeppelin. Real rock fans know this.

  • Sneha

    okay first things first,Adam Lambert is no Freddie Mercury,I’m sure all of us are aware of that but most important part is….he doesn’t have to be.He’s probably ONE of the greatest vocalists known today to people in this generation.No kidding.He’s highly underrated though and judging by your aticle you definitely hate this guy for some bizarre reason which as a columnist you shouldn’t ever do.You’ve never beento his onerts that’s pretty clear from your writing and tell you what? Don’t ever give wrong ideas to people,cause if they discover things themselves they’re seriously gonna forget reading you

    • Wildfire

      This joker is a glitzy clone from the “School of American Idol” alumni. He exudes no real emotion, soul or edge. He is the musical equivalent of the big-budget sequel to a sleeper hit movie. Yeah, it’s technically the same thing only shinier and better, but nowhere near as exciting as the original and completely redundant. It’s karaoke.