[PIC] Yell This! Jason “Mayhem” Miller Hanging Out With The Orphan Killer

Jason "Mayhem" Miller

Former UFC fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller isn’t making headlines for his outrageous behavior as of late. Oddly, Miller is keeping himself out of trouble with The Orphan Killer. Personally, that makes him cool again in my book despite all of the stupid shit he did lately.

Just don’t hand him that machete and tell him to go apeshit inside a cage because he will. On second thought, that would actually be pretty entertaining to see.

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  • Mark Hudson

    Holy shit that is Diane Foster standing there and Matt Farnsworth not pictured, but holy fuckin shit!!! Those two are EPIC SLAHER ICONS. Love Mayhem Miller and that he is into horror. It humanizes him for sure with all the crazy stuff that went on. Why don’t you guys do an article about the sequel? I read Mayhem is going to be in it on Farnsworth’s Facebook.