Hollow Bones Release “The November Diaries” [VIDEO]

I can see why the industry is labeling New York State’s Hollow Bones as “metalcore,” but I actually get more of a hardcore vibe from their sound, or at least on their latest video release, “The November Diaries.” Have a listen and watch in the player above and tell us what you think of Hollow Bone’s overall sound.

“The November Diaries” comes to us by of the band’s upcoming debut album, Lionheart. Hmm, could this be a reference to the hardcore band of the same name?

Hollow Bones vocalist Patrick Anthony states about the song:

‘The November Diaries’ was one of the first songs to be written for the album, and is by far one of the most aggressive. The song deals a lot with guilt, frustration, and anger about one’s own self. It is a very personal song, and because of that, it had to be honest in order to be effective. We hope that the raw feelings we put into the song come across as intended.

Hollow Bones will self-release Lionheart on May 27th. The album can be pre-ordered now at: hollowbones.bigcartel.com.

Rock Hard \m/

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  • Wayne Trudel

    That band sound exactly like the other band who by the way sounds like this othes band who actually sounds like one of these band.So…it’s bad!

    • Ha… there’s actually a point there. However, pretty much everything has been done, and if not, everything that has been done influences everything that hasn’t been done. I agree with you that Hollow Bones sounds like a ton of other bands, but I wouldn’t say that what they’ve done is bad.

      • Wayne Trudel

        I mean bad about the genre of music.where is the creativity? That sound is on is way down,its time to moving on.Why not trying to build something refreshing?