Gato Trailer – Kill The Cat!


With the world gone crazy about cats (LOL cats, and people waiting in lines to meet Internet cats), it’s only fitting that we get a film about a cat-like entity driving a man insane. But, I hate cats. Arrogant little pricks. Gato, seems to also draw on Edgar Allan Poe and his “love” of cats, which is fitting since The Following has reintroduced the writer’s legacy to the world.

Note: Director Joel Caetano posted in the comments section below and helped us clear up some plot errors we have since corrected.

I wish I knew Portuguese so that I could tell you more, but if you can read it, here’s the official site:

The cast seems to include: Director Joel Caetano, João Silva, Cindy Lauper Maria Mancine, Luiz Carlos Batista, Ivete Zani, Davi de Almeida, Janete Jennel, Mariana Zani, Jaudir Caetano, and Danilo Baia. I really wish that that was THE Cindi Lauper, but this doesn’t seem like her type of flick.

Check out the trailer above and let us know what you think.

Rock Hard \m/

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  • Samuel

    The film is not about killing cats, but about a man under the influence of an entity represented by a cat starts to go crazy!

  • Joel Caetano

    No, this movie is not about killing cats!!!

  • Thanks for the clarification guys. Have either of you seen the film?

    • Joel Caetano

      I am the director of the film 🙂

      Samuel is right! The movie is exactly what he wrote! It has been shown at the festival HorrorQuest, and Puerto Rico Horror Film Fest in the USA. He should take this into one of those two places.

      Thanks for the release!

      • My god, I didn’t even notice your name. Thanks so much for posting and helping us clear things up. The great thing about Internet publishing is that we can change things, and we’re not above doing so or admitting when we’ve made a mistake.

        • Joel Caetano

          I appreciate that space! And Cindy Lauper Maria Mancini is the name of CAT that made the movie 😉

  • Joel Caetano