Finch Fans Should Be Pissed

finch - what it is to burn x live

Are there any Finch fans out there? If so, they should be pissed about the latest news regarding the band and its upcoming release for two reasons. First, the release date of the live CD/DVD What It Is To Burn X has been pushed back to February 25, 2013. I guess that’s not really a reason to be pissed, since fans are fans and will just suck it up and wait a little longer.

what it is to burn x liveThe second reason Finch fans should be pissed is the fact that the band is releasing What It Is To Burn X. It can’t be said that Finch isn’t a hard-working band because they have and toured extensively, however, they are a less-than-productive band. With only two full-length releases (What It Is To Burn – 2002 and Say Hello To Sunshine – 2005) and three EPs () since forming in 1999, it seems they’ve hardly earned the right to release a 10-year anniversary live version of their first album. Being that the 2002 album is their best and most successful, it’s probably the only thing from their miniature catalog that fans listen to.

The point is that this is the type of release you’d expect from a much more productive band, such as DevilDriver, who’s released 6 albums in 10 years, and fans may have “forgotten” the first album.

Aside from not really earning the right to release such an album, Finch is insulting their fans by doing so. Seriously, 14 years together and just 2 albums to show for it!

At any rate, fans are fans and they’ll buy it.

What It Is To Burn X is a live CD/DVD celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Finch’s landmark album. It was filmed and recorded at The Glasshouse in Pomona, California, where the band performed their full-length in its entirety. Pre-orders for the disc and exclusive merch can be placed now at the Tragic Hero MerchNow Store.

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  • David Brannon

    Somebody’s butt-hurt. First reason you put for being pissed is because its being delayed so its not comming out quick enough for you then.. Then you are pissed because you feel it shouldnt be coming out.. its pretty contradicting. Use logic man! Ps. God forbid they give thier fans what they want right. They wront the songs, thier right. Fans seem to be for the most part on board with what they are doing. Everybody wants a third record it shouldnt be FORCED. I wonder who took a shit in your cereal bowl that morning you got pissed and wrote this crap. If you want a band that pushes albums every 2 years well then you are in luck because theres plenty of those bands out there

    • No one here is butt-hurt… don’t even like the band. Perhaps saying fans should be pissed for a delayed album is a bit strong. I don’t think I’ve made a contradiction in what I wrote because my second point is about the band basically releasing a reissue of their first album, not because the album is coming out. If I did like this band and supported them through the years, I’d feel that their output of new material has been lackluster and it’s mighty cheap of them to serve me up a “new” album and call it a 10-year anniversary album. They haven’t earned the right to do such a thing. I’ll reiterate what I wrote: “14 years together and just 2 [full-length] albums to show for it!” and now they’re going to put out a “third” full-length, which is just the first one. I’m not saying they should rush their creative process, but a band owes it to their fans to put out more material than Finch has — unless, of course, this is a hobby garage band.

  • David Brannon

    You know what though i really see your point. The band almost, may have well have said that the band is a hobby garage band as you put it. Its a just when they have time. And it is really frustrating to us that we dont have a new album. But its just like glassjaw we in general could go round and round about that band releaseing new material as well. Ive almost lost hope in getting a third full length from either of them. Hated them for it too for a while. But its just a difference in how people wanna take it i guess. I wont be bashing your page no more. But il still be supporting/waiting on my bands