Crawl Bitch Crawl (2012) – Breakout Actress: Nicole Alonso [Semi-Exclusive Picture Gallery]

A little while back, I introduced you to the teaser trailer for upcoming indie flick Crawl Bitch Crawl. Tonight, darlings, I’m introducing you to Crawl‘s shining star, Nicole Alonso.

According to her website (, Nicole is not only an actress, but a singer and songwriter as well. Throw in some dance moves, and this chick is a triple threat who’s just waiting to take over Hollywood with some well-versed lines and maybe even a “Grand Battement” to the baby-maker (that means kick to the crotch in ballet terms, in case you were wondering).

Coming in at a deceptive 5’3”, Miss Alonso may be tiny, folks, but as Tank in Crawl Bitch Crawl, she’s sure to show us that even us little chicks (I’m 5’2″) can kick some serious ass.

So take a gander at the beautifully bad-ass, blonde-mohawked babe who, in the words of our own King Hazard, is the owner of the “hottest female voice in the world” (this writer does not protest). Don’t be pervy about it either, you dirty boys, or I’ll unleash her on y’all, and you’ll be crying for mommy before you can say, “I was just re-adjusting myself,” ya hear?

Stay Scared, kids

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  • Thank you so much for the badass article Joanna and Yell! Magazine! You guys rock! 😉

    • Thanks Nicole for the pics, and I’m sure any further updates from us on CBC won’t end hear.  Keep on crawling through!!!

  • You all ROCK here at YELL MAGAZINE!! Can’t wait for everyone to see what Nicole has done with the character of TANK in the movie CRAWL BITCH CRAWL ! TY TONS for the coverage and introducing us all to you gritty badass horror fans! Again, Thank you!

    • Thanks man! Any chance you’ll be releasing an extract from the film, or another trailer. Honestly, we would love to see a short teaser clip.  Also, is the film completely finished? When’s the scheduled release date?

      • Yes a full trailer is coming soon – currently we are having to wait on the film festivals to choose their selections – for the trailer will be curtailed towards that. Believe me – we chomping at the bit to get the trailer out – but having to wait on them ;-/ We are also looking at sending out some posters very soon as well a music video with some clips form the movie and also three versions of a teaser clips – we have already set one aside to premiere on your site exclusively for all the support you all have given us. The movie is 90% we still have a week of professional sound leveling and some SFX and Color correction tweaks here and there – but again – right now we are at the mercy of waiting on the film festival’s and their timelines – the minute we hear back from them – we hit the ground running in that direction and will have a LOT of content to put forth 😉