Chloe Moretz Doesn’t Have Any Lust For Blood On The Set Of “Carrie” [PICS]

Chloe Moretz, Carrie Remake pictureOn Friday, we ended our week with a first look at a blood-soaked Chloe Moretz, and a perfectly crazy-in-bible-thumping-white Julianne Moore on the set of the new Carrie remake.

Today, we start our week almost the same way. More on-set pics have been released, featuring before shots of Moretz looking adorable in prom-queen pink and a few more after pics rage-ifying in her blood-gown. There’s also a picture taken mid-carnage, which shows Chloe/Carrie losing her shit as smoke billows behind her, and kids run for cover.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Moretz talked about her gory get-up, saying:

“We only have, like, four chances to get it right. Because that stuff stains your hair.”

I bet it does. Suck it up though, Chloe! You’re portraying an iconic character here. This is no time to worry about your luscious blonde locks, darling.

Stay Scared, kids.

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