Will Anne Hathaway Make A Good Catwoman?

With Inception behind him, Christopher Nolan and team are in preproduction for the next Batman film (called The Dark Knight Rises) and details on cast members have been released in the last few weeks.

Christian Bale and Michael Caine are returning as Bruce Wayne and Alfred, respectively. Others who are returning, not surprisingly, include Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox) and Gary Oldman (Jim Gordon). It was also announced that Tom Hardy will join the cast as Bane, the venom-taking superhuman with the photographic memory.

Anne Hathaway pictureBut what got this guy’s attention was that Anne Hathaway will play the sexy Selina Kyle (aka, Catwoman). The filmography of Anne Hathaway shows her in two distinct roles. The first being the wholesome girl in films like The Princess Diaries and Ella Enchanted and the fucked-up bitch in films like Rachel Getting Married and Havoc. The former was easily believable, while the latter was not (even though I enjoyed the titty shots).

Catwoman is a tough character to play well; she is a mix of diabolical evil witch and flirty sexy bitch. Many have played the role (Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry, and the original Julie Newmar), but only with moderate success. Will Hathaway be able to conjure up her inner kitty with claws? And do it in a way that gets the hairs on the back of our necks to stand up while simultaneously increasing the blood flow to our groins?

Hathaway is a good actress but has always had trouble shaking off her good-girl reputation that began her film career. If I was to guess, I think she will have difficulty. But if she can pull it off, then she might finally throw off the princess persona that she tried getting rid off with the roles of Allison Lang and Kym but failed. Either way, seeing Nolan’s third installment should be as enjoyable as the previous two.

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  • Dimitry


  • Anonymous

    Looks prtty good to me dude. Wow.


  • Anonymous

    Looks prtty good to me dude. Wow.


  • Simon

    Many have played the role (Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry, and the original Selina Kyle), but only with moderate success.


    You are aware that Selina Kyle is the character’s name, right? You even say it right in the article. No actress named Selina Kyle has played Selina Kyle.

    Did you mean Eartha Kitt, perhaps? Or Julie Newmar? Or Lee Meriwether?

    • You’re right! Sorry for the mistake. Julie Newmar is the original for the TV series, and we’re aware that Lee Meriwether is the first in a motion picture. Cheers!

  • i think that anne will have some difficulties too, but i guess she will be a good catwoman, but not as hot as halle berry..

  • Jordy

    She will be awful. She can’t be sexy, she can’t be sassy. Horrible choice.

    • KH

      Will just have to see Jordy, and I hope you’re wrong because I want to enjoy The Dark Knight Rises

  • Akrim1287

    Nolan surprised me with Heath Ledger for Joker, I hope it’ll be the same with Anne. I personally don’t see her to be catwoman material or live up to Pfeiffer potential. I would’ve chosen Charlize Theron or maybe Keira Knightley.

    I’ve heard about possible Harley Quinn, its hard, but Winona Ryder would be great or Brittney Murhpy (if she was still alive).

  • Bigtakilla

    I think the question is does the costume blow? And the answer is yes. Anne’s Catwoman costume as well as the Bane costume are both very horrible.