The Amazing Spider-Man Teaser Trailer Leaked

Update: So, the leaked trailer we had up has been removed from YouTube. However, it seems that there’s an official one floating around, which we now have for you up above.

It’s true, here’s The Amazing Spider-Man teaser trailer that’s been leaked. It’s shaky and the quality isn’t that great, but it’ll have to do until the official trailer gets released.

Apparently, we’re getting another origins story, but at least one that ties in Peter Parker’s parents a little bit. Also, judging from the music, this might have a Christopher Nolan-Dark Knight tone to it. The Dark Knight thing might be cool, but I love the boyish wonder and excitement we saw when Toby discovered his new abilities. I also love the tripped out, stoner vibe in the ’60s-era cartoon.

Ah well. Block buster it is and we’re sure everyone and their sister is going to see The Amazing Spider-Man.

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  • TheMatt

    Am I the only one who thinks this looks crap? Twilighty Emo Spidey complete with dark hoody? Check. Actor who couldn’t act nerdy if his life depended on it? Check. Every scene shot as dark as possible with little lightning? Check. Take a light-hearted, bright character like Spider-Man and make him as edgy as possible? Check. Getting a real bad vibe from this one.